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CfP reminder for NNT spring symposium!

Call for papers – 2nd Nordic Symposium of Death and Dying

We wish you all welcome to the 2nd Nordic Symposium of Death and Dying, which will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on April 25th – 27th 2012. The symposium is intended for the members of the Nordic Network of Thanatology and also all the other professionals working in the fields connected to matters of death and dying. The theme of the conference is “Dying, Death and Bereavement – Nordic Perspectives“.

Broad range of interest is typical of thanatology/death studies and cross-disciplinary approaches are especially welcome. In the conference we will be able to make comparisons between the Nordic countries; if some research project is already making them that would be particularly interesting. People’s own agency in matters of death, dying and bereavement is also of special interest, as well as papers on death and emotions and death in various institutions.

Please feel free to circulate this CFP. Abstracts (no more than 250 words) should be sent to Ilona Kemppainen (ilona.kemppainen (at) by December 16th 2011! Also enquiries regarding the conference may be sent to this address.

We will mail all the participants about travel, accommodation, programme, conference venue etc. shortly.


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