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CfP – Special issue of Nordic Death and Dying in Mortality journal

We are glad to inform you that our proposal about a special Nordic issue
to the journal Mortality has been accepted. This message may be
circulated to those who might be interested.

The theme of the issue is a broad one: ”Death, Dying and Bereavament
in the Nordic Countries”. All original texts on these subjects are
welcome. The schedule is tight, since the issue was supposed to
be based on papers presented in the last NNT symposium, so please send
only abstracts you know you can finish as articles before October 15th.

The deadline for abstracts is August 31st, and the deadline for
finished texts is the aforementioned October 15th. Here are the
submission guidelines, with the exception that the abstracts intended
to the Nordic issue should be sent to addresses
ida.marie.hoeg(at) and ilona.i.kemppainen(at) You may
also send full texts if you have one ready, of course!

More information:

Ilona Kemppainen
Finnish Death Studies Association


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