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Death Dying and Disposal 11: Registration now open!

5th – 8th September 2013
The Open University, Milton Keynes

Registrations are now open for the 11th biennial death, dying and disposal conference: Where theory meets practice, which is being hosted by  The Open University in partnership with the Association for the study of death and society (ASDS).

The underpinning rationale of the conference theme is to encourage a more overt engagement between theory and practice which moves beyond the notion that theoretical ideas are relevant to practice to highlight the iterative nature of death and dying studies. Indeed it is only through practice in all its forms, that theories can be developed, challenged and their usefulness evaluated.

We are delighted to offer a range of conference packages for this exciting event, from single day admission to full 4 day packages. We are also offering the choice of 2 optional excursions/guided tours to either the Olney Green Burial Ground, or Crownhill Crematorium.

Call for abstracts

We welcome papers from across a range of disciplines and interests on this theme. All professional groups involved in death, dying and disposal, people who work with dying and deceased people might like to offer papers on how they use theory in their work. Academics might like to offer papers on the impact of theory on practice or how the study of practice has changed their ideas. There is also scope for researchers to present papers on the experience of practice research. The theme should be central to your offering.

Please send your 250 – 300-word abstract to 

There are 2 deadlines for abstracts – 3rd December 2012 and 4th March 2013 We hope having two dates will accommodate as many submissions as possible, allowing those who need an early decision to submit their abstracts in plenty of time, without precluding those who prefer to submit papers at a later date. All papers will be judged on the same criteria.


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