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Symposium in memory of Professor Juha Sihvola

An international symposium organized by the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, in collaboration with the Academy of Finland, the Philosophical Society of Finland, and the Argumenta Project, “Human Mortality”, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation

Time: June 17-18, 2013
Venue: Tieteiden talo (House of Sciences and Letters), Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki

Free admission. Welcome!


Monday 17 June 2013

12:45-13:15 Registration

13:15 Welcome, Professor Sami Pihlström, Director of HCAS

13:30 Keynote lecture

· Professor Martha Nussbaum (University of Chicago): The Fear of Death: Incomplete Arguments and Questionable Consolations

15:00 Coffee

15:30-17:00 Session 1

· Alejandro Lorite Escorihuela (HCAS): Trading in Mercy: On the Global Law and Politics of Animal Sacrifice
· Jonathan Wolff (University College London): Social Policy and the Social Gradient in Health
· Sami Pihlström (HCAS): Does Death Make Us Equal?

17:30 Reception at Tieteiden talo (House of Sciences and Letters)

Tuesday 18 June 2013

10:00 Session 2

· Mikko Salmela (HCAS): Emotional Encounter with the Dying
· Pekka Sulkunen (HCAS): Who is well? A Critique of the Medicalisation Thesis
· Erika Kiss (Princeton University): The Problem of Sustainability as the Crisis of Liberal Education in the Global Digital Economy

11:30 lunch break

13:00 Session 3

· Jan-Werner Müller (Princeton University): Fear of Death and Fear of Cruelty: Judith Shklar’s Liberalism Revisited
· Michael Puett (Harvard University): tba
· Ville Päivänsalo (University of Helsinki): Pluralist Collaboration for Health and Dignity

14:30 coffee

15:00 Session 4

· Nils Weidtmann (Tübingen University): Mortality and responsibility – some intercultural remarks
· Sara Heinämaa (HCAS): Phenomenological Insights into Death and Dying: Time, Selfhood and Gender
· Terhi Utriainen (University of Helsinki): Death, Dying and Vulnerability in the Culture of Re-enchantment?

16:30 Closing of the symposium

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