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Media & Death 6.6.2013, Helsinki

Helsinki Collegium organizes a workshop on Media & Death on June 6,
2013 (University of Helsinki, Fabianinkatu 24, Seminar room 136).
Keynotes for the workshop are Tony Walter (UK) and Amanda Lagerkvist

The workshop is free and open for all. However, we would appreciate a
registration for coffee services (register by email to by June 3, 2013 at the latest).

More information:


09.30   Opening of the Seminar & Keynote Lecture

Sami Pihlström, Director of Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (HCAS)
Tony Walter, Centre for Death & Society, University of Bath, UK:
Communication media and the dead: from the stone age to Facebook
Chair: Outi Hakola

11.00   Coffee

11.30   Death in Media – Political and Social Implications

Chair: Anna Haverinen
Tatiana Artemyeva: The Problem of Death in the Soviet TV
Johanna Sumiala: Public Death Rituals in Nordic Media
Mareike Meis: Mobile Death Videos in Protest Movements – Cases
from Iran and Syria
Erja Simuna: News Photos of Conflict Deaths in International Press

13.30   Lunch break

15.00   Keynote Lecture

Amanda Lagerkvist, Media & Communication Studies, Södertörn
University, Sweden:
New Memory Cultures and Death — Thoughts on Televisual and
Digital Commemoration
Chair: Johanna Sumiala

16.30   Coffee

17.00   Visible and Invisible Death in Media

Chair: Tatiana Artemyeva
Anna Haverinen: Actual(ly) mourning – using autoethnography in
virtual mourning research
Outi Hakola: Visual Imagination of Death in Television Documentaries
Pinja Mäki: The Impossible and Invisible Death of an Animal

18.30   Closing of the seminar


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