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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Thanatos vol. 3 2/2014
Thanatos ( is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary and a scientific online journal published by the Finnish Death Studies Association ( We publish twice a year a journal that consists of articles, short and long research reports, book reviews, columns and seminar reports. The primary publication language is Finnish, but we also accept manuscripts in English and Swedish. However, the costs of proofreading are the responsibility of the author.

We now invite abstracts in English, Swedish or Finnish (max 400 words) for articles (max 8000 words) and research reports (max 5000 words) from the following example themes:

The topic of the thematic issue is grief of different age people and after different cause of death, coping with grief as well as support in grief. Support of grieving, wished for and received support can be discussed broadly, both from professional or non-professional and peer support view, or perspective of support (e.g. peer support, support from one’s own social network). Coping of the grieving or dying person can be discussed from the viewpoint of things that help or hinder coping. Present interventions and models that have been perceived effective in coping with grief can also be discussed.
The article can focus also on grief, coping and support in grief from the viewpoint of professionals or researchers. For example, how do professionals or peer supporters grieve after the death of their patient or client? How do they deal with providing debriefing or help in a crisis or supporting grieving people.
The article can also discuss the following themes concerning grief, coping and support for grieving people:
– after different causes of death (eg. stillbirth, illness, accident, suicide, homicide, familicide, family murder, filicide, filicide-suicide, infanticide, family homicide, family murder and extended suicide)
-after the death of a family member (eg. child, sibling, spouse, parent, grandparent )
-after the death of a close person (eg. friend, neighbors, colleagues, class mates)
-for professionals (eg. nurses, doctors, priests, crisis counsellors, police, teachers, social workers, undertakers)
-for non professionals (eg. peer supporters, voluntary workers, third sector workers)
-from the perspective of the dying person
– models of support and intervention
-peer support (individual support, peer support, internet support)
The above mentioned topics are only examples and we encourage you to send your own ideas as well. Abstracts are to be sent to: by 16th of May 2014.

• 16.5.2014: Abstract deadlines (max 400 words)
• 1.8.2014: Full manuscript deadlines (articles max 8000 words, research reports max 5000 words)
• 15.9.2014: Authors receive referees’ and editorial comments on their first drafts
• 30.10.2014: Deadline for second drafts
• December 2014: Journal publication

The first head editor of the issue will be PhD, Adjunct professor of Health Sciences, Anna Liisa Aho, who has studied grief, coping and support since 2000.
The second head editor of the issue will be PhD, Professor of Health Sciences, Marja Kaunonen, who has studied family grief, bereavement and mourning as well as support for grieving family.


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