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Kirjoituskutsu: Thanatos 2/2017

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Thanatos ( is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary and a scientific web-journal published by the Finnish Death Studies Association (

This autumn issue of Thanatos has no specific theme. We welcome articles, review articles, essays and book reviews from all aspects of death studies and related disciplines with death-related topics.

The deadline for abstracts is May 31st, 2017. The information about the acceptance of the articles will come on June 16th. The deadline for finished texts is August 25th 2017.

The primary publication language in Thanatos is Finnish, but we also accept manuscripts in English and Swedish. (However, the costs of proofreading for non-native English or Swedish speakers are the responsibility of the author).

Abstracts are to be sent to Kaarina Koski, kaakos(at) or Ilona Pajari, ilona.pajari(at)

For guidelines for the authors, please consult the journal web page at (in English), (på svenska) or (suomeksi).

For further information, please contact editors-in-chief Kaarina Koski, or Ilona Pajari,


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