The Finnish Death Studies Association

The Finnish Death Studies Association (FDSA) was founded March 28th 2011 in Helsinki by scholars interested in the field of thanatological research. The aim was to create an organization that could create a more public interdisciplinary dialogue about death and dying in Finnish society.

The purpose of the association is also to advance the domestic death studies and professional education, create synergy between Finnish and international professionals and researchers, and last but not least, to promote discussion about researching, studying and working in the field of death and dying.

With this website the association wishes to provide information about future events both in Finland and abroad, publish small articles, book reviews, research reports and other texts concerning the vast and colorful field of death.

The site is managed mostly in Finnish, but we will try to publish in Swedish and in English as much as possible.

Membership Applications

Membership applications are to be sent to anna.l.aho(a) with name, affiliation and a short bio. The board of directors will decide about the membership in their next meeting and inform the applicant about their decision afterwards.

The membership fee for the year 2011-2012 is 10€.

Board of Directors in 2012-2013


Anna Haverinen, PhD, project researcher, digital culture, University of Turku.


Ilona Pajari, Dr. of Social Sciences, Department of History and ethnology, University of Jyväskylä.


Mikko Kallionsivu, PhD, School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies, University of Tampere. (mikko.kallionsivu (a)

Financial Manager

Karoliina Käpylehto, MTh, Education, University of Helsinki (karoliina.kapylehto(a)

Members of the Board

Anna Liisa Aho, Dr. of Health Sciences, School of Health Sciences, University of Tampere . (anna.l.aho(a)

Kirsi Kanerva, MA, PhD student, cultural history, University of Turku.

Vice Members of the Board

Sami Matikainen, Undergraduate Student of Health Science, Nursing Science, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio. (samimat(a)

Ari Pusa, crisis worker, psychoterapist, Crisis Emergency Support, City of Helsinki. (ari.pusa(a)