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The Third Austin H. Kutscher Memorial Conference

The Columbia University Seminar on Death* invites scholars and
practitioners to The Third Austin H. Kutscher Memorial Conference. The
Conference Committee welcomes all proposals addressing the theme.

Topics may include aspects of ‐ but need not be limited to ‐ the
• Strategies and challenges for life‐extension/death postponement
• Recent healthcare reform and the terminally ill
• Minimizing the suffering of the dying/Advances in hospice and
palliative care
• New directions and technology in the aesthetic representations of
death and dying
• New practices and trends in corpse disposal
• Forecasting the next major biological killers and pandemics
• Terrorist threats/Cyber warfare
• Politics and the dignity of death
• Ethical issues and recent advances in biomedical science
• The rise of atheism and secular humanism ‐ new paths to an ethical
end of life
• New trends in counseling (suicide prevention, bereavement, etc.)
• Changing roles in family/professional care giving and decision
making at the end of life
• The dying individual vs. communal benefits of research
• Spiritual dimensions in the practice of end‐of‐life medicine
• Dealing responsibly with human bio‐mass and our natural environment

Scholars, clinicians, and policy makers from all disciplines and
sectors of society are invited to submit proposals. Please, e‐mail
300‐word abstracts (for 20‐minute conference presentations,
5,000‐8,000‐word book chapters) with the author’s name, contact
information and the title of the paper, and a separate one‐page CV to
ColumbiaUniversityDeathConf(a) by September 25, 2011.  Please,
write “Proposal” in the subject line.

Notification of acceptance of proposals will be sent in November 2011.
The schedule of presenters and panels will be published in January 2012.

To attend the conference without presenting a paper, please e‐mail
name, affiliation and contact information to
ColumbiaUniversityDeathConf(a) and write “Pre‐registration” in
the subject line.

*The Columbia University Seminar movement has promoted
inter‐disciplinary and inter‐institutional explorations for almost
seventy years. Austin H. Kutscher founded the Seminar on Death in
1970. For more information please go to


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